The Great Coromandel Coastal Clean-Up

On a sunny Saturday in April, Burnsco staff joined other volunteers to pick up an astonishing 34,500 litres of rubbish from Coromandel beaches.  The orchestrated attack on litter was organised by Sustainable Coastlines, a charity which works to protect our coastlines.  Armed with sacks and picnic lunches, the volunteers were dropped off to various locations from Rangipukea in the south to the Happy Jacks in the north.  They spent the day in the sunshine helping to return the beaches to their pristine condition.  The rubbish will now be audited by Sustainable Coastlines to determine its source.

Burnsco's Bruce Macleod said "It was a great day for everyone - the staff who came with their boats and kiddies, our customers and suppliers who joined in and helped, and of course the environment.  Full marks to Sustainable Coastlines who are doing such a great job to keep our beautiful beaches just that - beautiful!"