Boating Guides

How to Antifoul your boat

A Complete Guide To Antifouling

Antifouling is one of the most critical parts of boat maintenance, but choosing the correct paint can be complicated. This guide will help you decide which option is right for you and your boat.

What to check on a boat trailer

A guide to a safe boat trailer

Trailer safety should come at the forefront of any trip with your trailer boat. This guide shares basic tips on loading, driving, launching, security and maintenance, to ensure the start and end of your day's boating runs without a glitch.

How to get of galvanic rust

Beating galvanic corrosion

The brutal truth is that any time metal is in contact with salt water it will corrode to some degree. Here is a guide to using sacrificial anodes to protect your boat.

How to use your boat in colder months

Checklist to keeping safe over colder months

As the weather gets colder and the sea conditions more unpredictable, effective preparation is crucial. This checklist will help you become equipped and ready for boating in the winter.

Crewsaver Inflatable Lifejacket

Using the Crewsaver Inflatable Lifejacket

Our Crewsaver inflatable lifejackets maximise comfort and safety. This short video shows its great features.

How to kit out your boat galley and cabin

How to kit out the perfect cabin and galley

Space is at a premium on board, so making the most out of every square inch is important when you’re planning out your cabin and galley. Here on some tips on how you can achieve comfort, space and durability on your boat.

Selecting the right fenders for your boat

How to select the right fenders

Marine fenders are a cheap and easy way of protecting your boat from being damaged when bumping against other boats or the marina. There are many fenders to choose from, so here’s a short guide.

what is the best wet weather gear

How to source the best wet weather gear

Selecting the appropriate wet weather gear can be confusing. Read on to discover the types available and what is best suited to you.

new zealand navigation lights rules

Know the rules about navigation lights

Stay safe at sea by choosing the correct Navigation Lights.

Selecting the best marine first aid kit

Marine First Aid Kits - The Essentials

Having the correct gear at hand is especially important at sea. Read on to learn about what your First Aid Kit should contain.

How to use the jump start kit

How to use the Burnsco Jump Start Kit

Sadly you can't push start your boat when the battery is flat. Here is a great product to get you home when the worst happens.

How to use the Burnsco bluetooth speaker

The Burnsco Waterproof Speaker

Perfect for the boat or the beach, this waterproof speaker uses wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Using the Promariner Prosport Charger

Prosport Battery Chargers

Maintaining your battery bank in tip top condition not only improves it's life but also helps ensure trouble free Boating. Learn more about Prosport chargers with this helpful guide.

How to prepare my boat for winter

Preparing your Boat for Winter

Winterising your pride and joy will ensure it is in the best possible condition next spring. Here are a number of simple steps you can follow for great results.

What dinghy should I buy for a tender

The 3 Step guide to sourcing the best dinghy

Here's a simple 3 step guide to choosing the right dinghy/tender for you.

which anchor should I use

Tips to finding the best anchor

This guide shares some general rules on choosing the right anchor for your boat.

how to choose a marine battery

How to choose a marine battery

Burnsco stocks a wide range of batteries for your boat. This video outlines the various types so you can select the one that is "just right".

how to install a bilge pump

How to install a bilge pump

A working bilge pump can make the difference between getting home safely and disaster. This video shows you how to install a bilge pump in your boat.

how to install a chartplotter

How to install a chartplotter/fishfinder

Installing electronics in your boat isn't as difficult as some make out. This video outlines a number of simple tasks that together make a professional quality install.

how to install cable steering

How to install cable steering

Time to upgrade or replace your boat steering? This helpful video will take you through the job step by step.

how to install a marine battery

How to install a marine battery

Installing a marine battery can seem daunting, but it's usually quite a simple job. This video provides a step-by-step guide on how to install a marine battery.

how to install a switch panel

How to install a switch panel

Wiring a marine switch panel can be confusing, so we’ve broken it down for you. Here’s our video on how to do it yourself.

how to be more fuel efficient in a boat

7 Tricks to lowering your fuel costs

Follow our guide for great tips on how to save petrol while on board.