Easy Boat Upgrades

Upgrade your boat or launch with these great entertainment options!

Regardless of your boat’s size or type, most friends and family members will jump at the chance to be entertained on the water. With a few easy upgrades, you can create an amazing atmosphere at your next floating get-together.

Let there be light

Not only do underwater lights attract fish and squid at night, they’re also amazing for setting the mood when you’re entertaining. Available in a variety of colours, LEDs use very little power, so they won’t drain your battery.

  1. Hella Apelo A1 1800 lumen RGB Underwater Light
    From $369.99
  2. Hella Apelo A1 1800 Lumen White/Blue Underwater Light
    From $299.99
  3. Linear Blue LED Underwater Light
    From $249.99
  4. LED Underwater Light
    From $49.99

Feel the Beat

Whether it’s drinks in the sun or a fishing competition with the kids, great music is guaranteed to enhance your time on the water. The latest speakers offer fantastic sound quality and even incorporate LED lighting in a range of colours to complement your play list.

  1. Fusion XS Sports Speakers with LED
    From $299.99

Take a Seat 

Add additional seating by making use of your ice box. Stylish and hardwearing seat cushions are available for most medium to large models. Just clip them on and you’re ready to go!

  1. Dometic Ice Box Seat Cushions
    From $119.99