Easy RV Upgrades

Upgrade your home away from home with great entertainment and power options!

Home comforts (or the lack of them) can make or break an extended stay in your RV or caravan. Whether it’s having enough power for a hot shower or keeping you entertained when the weather doesn’t play ball, you can enjoy plenty of mod cons, even when you’re off-grid.

Pass the Popcorn

The latest state-of-the-art 12V LED TVs are super-sleek and are designed to handle life on the road. With built-in tuners for both terrestrial and satellite aerials, these can easily be used at home as an extra TV and away on holiday in the RV. For ultimate security, select an RV TV mounting bracket that offers a locking system for use during travel.

Get Connected

To make sure you don’t miss your favourite shows, you’ll need satellite connectivity. A digital satellite receiver in combination with a dish allows you to enjoy live content or pause and record live TV for later viewing. Choose an option that is compatible with the latest Sky cards and bring your home Sky TV with you at no extra cost.
There are a number of different satellite dishes available, from wind-up models to fully automatic units that lock onto the Optus D1 satellite in under 60 seconds.

Power Up

Whether it’s power sockets to charge your devices or the fridge to keep the food and drinks chilled, all auxiliary systems need power. It’s good to cover all your bases by having both vehicle-generated and solar options fitted.
Solar panels have come a long way in the past few years. Polycrystalline technology now offers excellent low-light performance and allows for the greatest amount of energy to be extracted from the sun in all environments.
Completely sealed and odourless, AGM deep cycle batteries are specifically designed to store your auxiliary power. They can be installed at any angle or orientation, which makes them very versatile in a small space. For charging, you’ll need a VSR to access the power generated by the engine’s alternator. Similarly, solar panels require a solar regulator to control the flow of energy to the battery.

  1. AGM Deep Cycle 12V Battery
    Club From $329.99 Regular From $349.99
  2. Tracer Dual 30A MPPT Solar Regulator
    Club Price $299.99
    Regular Price $379.99
  3. Heavy Duty Battery Cables
    From $23.99

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