A guide to caravan and trailer security

Boating and caravanning are all part of the kiwi lifestyle. However, owning a valuable asset means you need to be mindful of security. Luckily, there is a wide range of products available to help keep your trailer or caravan safe. Often using a combination of these is going to be the most effective way to protect your asset. 

Coupling Locks

These are a great security device to help deter and stop thieves from stealing your boat, jet ski, caravan or trailer. There are several different types of coupling locks on the market:

Trailer Coupling Locks

The trailer cop stops a tow ball being inserted into the caravan or trailer coupling so it can’t be towed away. Great for when storing your boat or caravan.

Bolt Coupling Locks

Bolt coupling locks prevent the trailer being removed from the tow ball by keeping the two components locked together.
You can therefore relax out on the water knowing that your boat trailer will still be there on your return.

Alarmed Coupling Locks

For extra security we have alarmed coupling locks. A loud audible alarm will sound if the device is tampered with - drawing much needed attention.

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Wheels Clamps

Trailer wheel clamps are another great security device that every trailer owner should invest in. They provide a great visual deterrent and thieves will find it extremely difficult to drive off with it or remove from the wheel.


When not in use, both caravan and boat covers are a great way to protect your investment not only from the elements, but also to deter opportunistic thieves.

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Be mindful of the locations you choose to camp or park at. Choose locations that are busy and secure. The most high-risk destinations are isolated and remote. While it may be an effort, remember to store equipment like your icebox, chairs, tables and bikes out of sight and utilise locks where appropriate. Many insurance companies will not accept a claim of theft if there aren’t substantial locking devices being utilised. Read the fine print of your policy and have appropriate security devices installed on your trailer or caravan.


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