How to Source The Best Wet-Weather Gear

As New Zealand heads out of summer and boaties face the usual broad spectrum of weather conditions that autumn and winter always throw at us, it’s worth checking up on whether you’ve got the right gear for the right conditions.

When you’re choosing your wet-weather gear, it’s important to match your requirements (protection from the elements, durability, ventilation, flexibility and freedom of movement) to the type of usage you’re going to give it.

  • Offshore

    This heavy-duty gear is designed for extended periods in extreme climates and uses heavyweight, durable and breathable modern fabrics to create dependable jackets and trousers. This is absolutely top of the range – gear for ocean racing. Hoods, collars and seals are top quality, pads can protect against the harshest treatment from winches and deck gear, heavy duty zippers are non-corroding and reflective tape gives maximum visibility. Burnsco’s Gill OS2 range fits the bill perfectly.

  • Coastal

    This medium-weight gear is designed to withstand days of rough conditions in all but the longest crossings. It is waterproof and breathable with multi-layer construction and good hood and collar arrangements to provide protection and comfort. Seats and knees are reinforced to protect from abrasion from deck gear and non-slip surfaces. Check out our range of jackets and trousers here.

  • Inshore

    This is the ideal wet-weather gear for day-sailing because it will protect against the type of light rain, wind and spray which New Zealand conditions throw up most of the time. Inshore gear is less restrictive that the coastal and offshore gear – and certainly less expensive – and has the added bonus of being usable back on dry land because it’s lightweight and stylish.

  • Dinghy

    Just because the weather’s turning a little for the worse, doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to be out racing the smaller classes. These sailors need gear which is always going to stand up to a large amount of physical exertion and a good drenching in salt water and spray, but which also gives good, watertight closures. Our dinghy range includes highly breathable tops with close-fitting neck and wrist seals and two layers of waterproof protection so they can be worn outside fleeces or rashies. This makes them also ideal for kayaking as well as sailing.

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