ProMariner Battery Chargers

ProMariner’s ProSport Generation 3 Battery Chargers are one of the best ways to protect your investment and ensure your onboard electrical system is always ready to perform.

With increasing demands of onboard electrical systems, from your fishfinder, stereo, pumps and lights, we’re often asking more and more of our boats batteries. Relying on an engine’s alternator to singularly charge your system is not as fool-proof as you might think, and could be allowing for the damage and ultimate reduced lifespan of your boats battery.

Every time you store your battery with less than full charge for any length of time, you’re decreasing its Amp hour capacity. Running any electrical system back at the boat ramp after you’ve turn the engine off, or even any low static load on the vessels system during storage will leave you at less than optimum charge and results in the premature ageing of your battery.

A prematurely ageing battery will hold less charge as it degrades. For instance, a single bank battery system with reduced capacity will impact the amount of time you can safely use your onboard electrical system out on the water before you run the risk of having too little to start your engine and return home.

ProSport battery chargers will ensure your battery is kept at optimum charge and significantly increase the natural life of your battery. ProSport battery chargers will also do more to care for your battery than your engine’s alternator ever will. With built-in maintenance mode, ProSport Series Chargers that will continue a float cycle to condition your battery to ensure its optimum health.

ProMariner ProSport Series chargers are available in a range of models suitable up to a 3-bank battery system and vary in output capacities from 6amp, 12amp and 20amp.

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ProSport 12amp


ProSport 20amp