Endurant Deep Cycle Batteries 12V

UPC: m16131


Endurant Deep Cycle Batteries 12V

Premium deep cycle house batteries designed to deliver low current for long periods of time. These Cyclemaster batteries are designed for the marine environment with a durable construction for corrosion resistance and good cycle life.
  • Diamond plate technology for a higher initial capacity, faster recharge cycles plus enhanced recharge ability
  • Fortified plate construction provides a stronger crystal network for decreased shedding of positive plates to increase life cycle
  • Marine deep cycle, heavy duty, designed for general marine, RV and commercial use
  • 85, 105 or 130 A/H options
  • 12 Volt
  • 500, 660 or 670 CCA options
  • Made in Canada
  • 2 year warranty
  • Flooded technology
  • Low maintenance type
  • Dimensions 85A/H (L x W x D): 275 x 170 x 235mm
  • Weight : 19kg
  • Dimensions 105A/H (L x W x D): 320 x 170 x 235mm
  • Weight : 22kg
  • Dimensions 130A/H (L x W x D): 330 x 170 x 240mm
  • Weight : 27kg



Deep Cycle 85A/H - 275(L) x 170(W) x 235(H)

Price $369.99

Deep Cycle 105A/H - 320(L) x 170(W) x 235(H)

Price $409.99

Deep Cycle 130A/H - 330(L) x 170(W) x 240(H)

Club Price $399.99

Regular Price $439.99

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Great Product
Sun Apr 12, 2020

Thanks for delivering product with in the time frame

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Endurant Deep Cycle
Thu Jun 22, 2017

Haven't fitted it yet. Did a lot of research to find one that would fit, give me the power I need to drive the electrics in my 6M caravan at the right price. I can get batteries though a trade discount and the price on this was far better. Ordered on line, was available immediately and I was able to pick it up 10 days later (I live in Kaikoura) and they had it ready for me with all the appropriate ID questions. Good product, great price, exceptional service.

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