Manson Supreme Anchors

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Manson Supreme Anchors

Premium, all purpose anchor with Lloyds Super High Holding Power rating.
  • Immediate set
  • Super high holding power
  • All purpose anchoring in rock and sand seabeds
  • If the anchor becomes stuck you can simply drive over the anchor and the sliding shackle will lift from the front
  • Also a fixed attachment point for heavy weather or soft bottom anchoring
  • Roll over bar ensures the anchor will always quickly right itself and set
  • NZ made
  • For boats up to 18m
  • Sizes 5, 10, 15, 25, 35, 45, 60 and 80lb
  • 5lb (boats to 4.5m)
  • 10lb (boats 4.5m to 7m)
  • 15lb (boats 5.5m to 9m)
  • 25lb (boats 8m to 10m)
  • 35lb (boats 10m to 12m)
  • 45lb (boats 12m to 14m)
  • 60lb (boats 14m to 17m)
  • 80lb (boats 15m to 18m)



5lb boats to 4.5m

Price $169.99

10lb (boats 4.5m to 7m)

Price $219.99

15lb (boats 5.5m to 9m)

Price $299.99

25lb (boats 8m to 10m)

Price $369.99

35lb (boats 10m to 12m)

Price $499.99

45lb (boats 12m to 14m)

Price $679.99

60lb (boats 14m to 17m)

Price $829.99

80lb (boats 15m to 18m)

Out of stock, please phone 0800 10 20 41 to check lead times

Price $1149.99

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