Altex Sea-Zone 60 Antifouling 4L

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Altex Sea-Zone 60 Antifouling 4L

Sea-Zone 60 is a new generation self-polishing Silyl Acrylate antifouling. Using a combination of micro fine cuprous oxide and dual biocides, it gives greater protection for longer periods compared to traditional ablative antifouling’s. The self-polishing mechanism means that your hull stays smooth and clean which eliminates drag and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Self-Polishing antifouling provides a slick and smooth hull surface which enhances speed and fuel efficiency
  • Dual biocide protection for the ultimate protection
  • Superior resistance to fouling in static conditions
  • Strong protection in troublesome waters
  • Suitable for all substrates except Aluminium.
  • Coverage: 7.3m2 per L
  • Available in 3 colours black, blue and red
  • SDS: (copy and paste)



(a) Antifoul Sea-Zone 60 Black 4L

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