Foulfree Transducer Coating 15ml Kit

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Foulfree Transducer Coating 15ml Kit

Get the best performance possible out of your transducer. Propspeed and Airmar have worked together to create Foulfree, a specialized foul-release coating that is biocide-free and does not poison marine growth. Once cured, Foulfree forms a super-slippery surface over the transducer, preventing marine growth from attaching to its surface. This means your expensive electronics package is going to give true returns and not be hampered by a layer of growth that can give false readings.
  • Keeps transducer clean which also promotes streamlined water flow giving enhanced performance
  • Airmar certified
  • No biocides or poison
  • Expected to last 2 years in NZ waters
  • Kit includes Foulfree transducer coating 15ml, specialised wipes, scouring pad and brush
  • SDS : (copy and paste)



Foulfree Transducer Coating Kit Propspeed

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