Flare Comet Pack Powerboat

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Flare Comet Pack Powerboat

Flare Comet Pack Powerboat 2R 10. For small runabouts and jet boats etc. operating in sheltered waters, small lakes and river ways. Complies to Yachting NZ Cat. B Trailer Yacht Rules.
  • 2 x red hand flares: Short range distress signal used to pinpoint. For use in day and night. Colour: Red. Burn time: 60 seconds minimum. Light Intensity: 15,000 Candela minimum
  • 1 x orange smoke torch: This waterproof, hand held signal produces a dense orange smoke for daylight distress signalling and wind direction indication. For use in day distress signal situations and to mark the position during a rescue operation.
  • Supplied in a floating container
  • Life expectancy: 4 years (from manufacture)
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight



Flare Comet Pack Powerboat 2R 10

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