Kovix KVH-88 Alarmed Hoop Trailer Coupling Lock

UPC: 38944

Kovix KVH-88 Alarmed Hoop Trailer Coupling Lock

Built tough for maximum security of your boat, caravan or trailer. This unique alarmed trailer lock will get thieves running when they trigger the motion activated 120dB alarm. With its hoop extension the KVH-88 fits most brands of couplings and you can even lock your precious trailer to the vehicle when you leave it behind at the boat ramp
  • 120dB motion triggered alarm
  • Solid 304 stainless steel construction
  • Ultra strong 18mm pin with cutting sleeve
  • Saw and drill resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Long life Lithium battery
  • Removable ball to fit wide range of hitches
  • On and off alarm modes



Kovix Alarmed Hoop Trailer Coupling Lock

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Excellent Quality
Thu Jan 24, 2019

Solid security device - we use on our caravan and are very happy with it. The alarm isn't too sensitive so a kid knocking it accidentally won't set it off, it sounds a warning beep and if someone continues to tamper and move it, it will sound the alarm. The alarm is a very good deterrent and the batteries are rated to last around 12months.

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