Ronstan Ser 40 Bb Orbit Block Fiddle RF45501

UPC: 28125

Ronstan Ser 40 Bb Orbit Block Fiddle RF45501

Series 40 Ball Bearing Orbit Block™ Fiddle Kilogram for kilogram of working load, BB and RT Orbit Blocks™ are the world's lightest. The unique orbital design allows the bearing to only be in the active areas of the floating sheave. This minimises the mass of the inactive return race and hub. Fiddle sheave has a high load full contact bearing (ie. not ball bearing). Main sheave has two-stage, ball bearing
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Low friction 2-stage Orbital ball bearing system
  • Highest working load in its class
  • Low profile and compact
  • High performance cleating
  • Easily fitted and securely retained Dyneema® Link head
  • Convert to a becket version by adding a Dyneema® link
  • Sheave 40 + 22mm
  • Max. Rope 9 mm
  • M.W.L. 325 kg
  • B. L. 700 kg
  • Weight 47 g



(a) Ser 40 Bb Orbit Blk Fidd RF45501

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