Martyr Aluminium Hull Anode Weld-on Block

UPC: m39377


Martyr Aluminium Hull Anode Weld-on Block

Martyr aluminium anodes protect at least 5% better, last 50% longer, and weigh 50% less than traditional zinc anodes - easier to install and better fuel economy. They also contain 0% Cadmium, a toxic material found in traditional zinc anodes. Meets US Military specification.
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion on the underwater parts of your boat
  • Eco-friendly
  • Aluminium anodes perform at least 5% better than traditional zinc anodes in salt water and brackish water
  • Aluminium anodes achieve a higher capacity (anode life) while maintaining the same output (level of protection)
  • More environmentally friendly! Cadmium free
  • Manufactured to US Military specification
  • Ensure you do not mix aluminium and zinc anodes on the outside of your boat. It is one or the other as they interfere with each other’s erosion rates. Pencil anodes for inside engines will remain zinc as aluminium can clog an engine. Pencil anodes are internal though so don’t interfere with your aluminium anodes on your hull, shafts, rudders and trim tabs unless they are connected in some way
  • Dimensions S (L x W x D): 101 x 76.2 x 25mm
  • Dimensions M (L x W x D): 175 x 80 x 35mm



Anode Hull Aluminium 2431GA Weld On 100 x 75

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Anode Hull Aluminium 273125GA Weld On 175 x 80

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