All applicants must complete our online application form. Please don’t send us your CV – our form covers a wider range of information and we need all of it to process your application.            

Make sure you complete the form honestly and fully. Take particular care to disclose any health or other issues which could impact on your ability to do the job.  If you have any criminal convictions, include details. We do a police check on every joiner so we’ll see it later on – but some criminal records do not prevent us hiring you and we will respect your honesty for telling us about it up front.

When you submit your form online, you will receive an acknowledgement message. If you don’t see this, you can email jobs@burnsco.co.nz to double check that we’ve received your form.

Sometimes processing applications can take several weeks. All applicants will hear from us in due course – either to progress your application further, or with a ‘sorry, not this time’ message.

If you are shortlisted, you may receive a telephone call from the Branch Manager or Regional Manager. From this call, some applicants will be chosen to attend an interview, typically at the relevant store. For most permanent and all senior roles, you can expect two interviews.   If an offer of employment is considered, more detailed discussions about pay, hours and other potential terms will follow. When these are mutually acceptable, our HR team will issue you a contract pack with a formal offer of employment.

You will have up to a fortnight to consider our Offer. You are encouraged to read the terms carefully and take employment law advice.

It is Company policy to include a 90 day trial period in all new employment contracts for permanent and fixed term staff.  All offers are subject to satisfactory references and the police record check. Normally references are not taken up until the offer stage or after your acceptance (if from a current employer). Each referee needs to have been your manager, not a work mate, friend or relative. You need to have reported to this person in a recent employment and they need to be contactable by phone. If you’re not sure who to use, have a chat with HR or our manager who interviewed you.  

For current or recent school students, your latest school report (or leaving report) is fine instead of a formal reference.

For more information about working at Burnsco, click here.  And if you still have a query, our HR team is always happy to help. Call 09 532 7048 or email hr@burnsco.co.nz

Good luck!