Finding The Perfect Anchor

The most important aspect of choosing an anchor is to cover all your bases – and that means not only finding the right tool for your boat, but also the right tool for the conditions.

Not only must you consider the size and shape of your boat (obviously a higher boat would be affected more by wind), but different anchors perform differently depending on wind conditions, the sea state and the makeup of the bottom area where you’re anchoring (coral, grass, mud, sand or rock).

Most boats used for overnighting should have two anchors of different styles to accommodate the different conditions and to help mooring in crowded anchorages where you’ll need to set them from the bow and the stern.

Talk to one of our staff at Burnsco Marine or chat to us online for advice over the weight of anchor you need because that will change depending not only on your boat’s size, but also where you use it.


These are ideal for smaller craft such as jet skis, dinghies, kayaks and small yachts in inshore conditions, or for securing nets. They come in a range of materials, sizes and styles, some of which fold easily for storage, and they are perfect for rocky bottoms or reefs where the flukes can hook into tight spaces. 


The Danforth style – also known as a fluke or lightweight anchor – is the most popular version because it has a superior holding power to weight ratio and is therefore easier to store than larger versions, and stows flat because of the way its flukes are designed to swivel on the crossbar. The Danforth holds well on mud or sand but doesn’t work as well on grassy or rocky bottoms where its flukes are more likely to foul. This lightweight Danforth-style anchor has been specially designed for racing yachts up to 45ft.


These styles are typified by the Anchor Delta, Manson and Rocna ranges and work with a single point to create the best hold on a variety of bottoms – although they work best in grass, mud and sand. This makes them the go-to anchor for heavier powerboats, launches and cruising sailboats which can be fitted with bow-rollers for ease of storage. Their design means they are good at resetting themselves when wind or current changes and some are fitted with roll-bars which mean they always land the right way up. The Manson Supreme features a sliding shackle, which will lift from the front when you drive over it to help free it if it becomes stuck and the Rocna Fisherman has two options (a shackle rail or secure mode) which can be chosen depending on whether you need to re-anchor frequently or need a secure hold for overnight.

For more information on our range of anchors, you can phone us on 0800 102041, email us, or Livechat with one of our staff via the website.