Burnsco Club Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Hauraki Marine Limited trading as "Burnsco".

Each member of the Burnsco Club is bound by these Terms and Conditions, and any variation of them.

Burnsco Club
  • Each application to the Burnsco Club is subject to acceptance by Burnsco in its absolute discretion.
  • Burnsco Club membership is only activated on receipt by Burnsco of a fully completed application form for the Burnsco Club
  • Only individuals can apply for Burnsco Club membership. 
  • A person may hold only one Burnsco Club membership.
  • Employees of Burnsco are not eligible to be Burnsco Club members.
  • Burnsco Club members will receive regular Burnsco Club communications.
  • Burnsco is not responsible for loss resulting from computer hardware failure or software errors or failure, or for fraud.
  • Burnsco may cancel any Burnsco Club membership at any time in its absolute discretion.