How To Keep Your Motorhome Warm In Winter

Don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying trips in your motorhome! Winter offers a unique opportunity to witness breathtaking views and create unforgettable memories on your RV adventures. With the right heating system in place, you can stay cozy and comfortable, extending the usability of your motorhome throughout the year. Embrace the beauty of winter and make amazing memories, rather than leaving your valuable asset parked up for half the year.

Choosing the Right Heater

Choosing the best heater for your motorhome is important to ensure you stay cozy on your winter adventures. When looking at heating options, efficiency should be a top consideration. 

The two main options when purchasing a heater for your RV are LPG gas and diesel, which are both great because neither require mains power supply, so you can wave civilisation goodbye! Additionally, both options are highly efficient and safe.

LPG Heaters

LPG heaters tend to be the cheaper option and run off the same source as your cooking and hot water system. These heaters may be more suitable for travellers who aren’t on an extended trip, as LPG is not always readily available and can be expensive if used for longer periods of time. 

Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters can run from your vehicles tank or from a fuel tank of their own. They are a larger upfront investment than LPG, however they are significantly cheaper to run. They are also quieter, and can be used while you’re on the move!

Diesel heaters are ideal if you’re spending a lot of time in your vehicle, especially in winter. 

Electric Heaters 

Most household heaters won't be suitable for your RV as they use too much power. However, if you are going to be connected to 240V power rather than being off the grid, then you could consider using a small and efficient electric heater like our Powertech 7 Fin Oil Heater. 

When weighing up which heater to go with, ensure it reflects how much time you spend travelling to justify the initial and ongoing cost comparisons. 

  1. Propex LPG Heater 2kW

In addition to having an efficient heating source, follow these tips and tricks to help keep your RV warm: 

Maximising Heat Retention

To maximise heat retention and maintain a cozy interior, incorporate measures like fitting thermal curtains or blinds and vent covers. These additions serve as insulation barriers, reducing the heat escaping through the glass windows.

Additionally, regularly checking your door and window seals are tight will prevent draughts.

Smart Ventilation

While it's important to retain warmth, proper ventilation is necessary to prevent excessive humidity and condensation buildup. Maintaining a balanced humidity level contributes to overall comfort and reduces the risk of mold or mildew. Strike a balance between insulation and ventilation to create a pleasant living environment inside your RV.

Clever Storage Solutions

Utilize the exterior wall cupboards and drawers of your motorhome or caravan for extra insulation. Fill these storage spaces with clothing or bedding to create additional insulation and keep them closed to retain heat.

Strategic Parking

A perk of travelling in the winter is being out of the high season. This means you’re going to have far greater choice when it comes to parking up your RV.

With warmth in mind, you’re best to try and park up in a relatively sheltered spot where the sun will rise.


With the right preparations and equipment, you can keep your motorhome warm and enjoy winter adventures without sacrificing comfort. 

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