Boating Guides

how to install cable steering

How to install cable steering

Time to upgrade or replace your boat steering? This helpful video will take you through the job step by step.

How to antifoul

A Complete Guide To Antifouling

Antifouling is one of the most critical parts of boat maintenance, but choosing the correct paint can be complicated. This guide will help you decide which option is right for you and your boat.

How to prepare my boat for winter

Preparing your Boat for Winter

Winterising your pride and joy will ensure it is in the best possible condition next spring. Here are a number of simple steps you can follow for great results.

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RV Guides

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Keeping your RV warm in winter

Winter means less crowded camp grounds and caravan parks. Make sure you equip your RV to stay warm and cosy for the colder months.

Boating tips and guides

4 step guide to caravan safety

Your RV should be as safe and secure as your home. Follow our guide on RV safety and security.

Boating tips and guides

how to use the burnsco jump start kit

When the motorhome won't start after a few nights off the grid. Here is a great product to get you going when the worst happens.

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Fishing Guides

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a guide to finding the right fish finder

There is a bewildering range of Fish Finders on the market today. Here is a great place to start deciphering the jargon and determining what you really need for your boat.

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back to basics fishing

Fishing is one of the favourite Kiwi pastimes. So protecting the fishery for our future generations is of national importance. Learn how to do your bit.

Boating tips and guides

the edge inchiku lures

Great for catching kingfish and snapper, the Inchiku Lures are simple to rig and to fish. Learn how to increase your catch rate on your next fishing trip.

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