Flare Pack Inshore

UPC: k13857

Flare Pack Inshore

Suitable pack for boating up to 5km from land and within line of sight of potential help
  • Supplied in a floating container
  • x2 red hand flares: Short range distress signal used to pinpoint. For use in day and night. Colour: Red. Burn time: 60 seconds minimum. Light Intensity: 15,000 Candela minimum.
  • x2 orange handheld smoke torches: This waterproof, hand held signal produces a dense orange smoke for daylight distress signalling and wind direction indication. For use in day distress signal situations and to mark the position during a rescue operation.
  • Life expectancy: 4 years (from manufacture)
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight



Flare Comet Pack Inshore 2R 20

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