Daiwa: The Search for Fishing Excellence

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Daiwa: The Search For Fishing Excellence

In the world of angling, there are only a few names that stand out as a beacon of innovation and reliability, one of those names is of course Daiwa. From its humble beginnings to its prominent position in the New Zealand market today, Daiwa has continually pushed the boundaries of fishing technology, offering anglers unparalleled performance on the water.

A Legacy of Excellence

The history of Daiwa traces back to 1958 when it was founded in Japan. Initially focusing on manufacturing high-quality fishing reels, Daiwa quickly gained recognition for its precision engineering and dedication to craftsmanship. Over the decades, Daiwa has expanded its product line to include rods, lines, lures, softbaits and a wide array of additional fishing accessories, cementing its status as a leader in its field.

In the early years, Daiwa revolutionized the fishing reel industry with the introduction of the ‘Open Faced reel”, allowing the user to wind more line onto the spool with a faster spin and improved feel. They also became the first manufacturer to incorporate graphite into both the reel bodies and rotors.

From there came a significant number of new features. A very small number of these include Zaion: a new high density carbon fibre material, LT – Light & Tough, Silent Oscillation, Twist Buster I & II, Monocoque body; a one piece frame reducing twist and flex under load, and of course Magseal; a magnetised oil seal which eliminates dust, water and salt intrusion. All of these provide unparalleled smoothness, responsiveness, and durability.

Nb: Not all Daiwa reels have all of these features.

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Over time, Daiwa expanded its product range to cater to various fishing styles and preferences. From lightweight spinning rods for freshwater enthusiasts to heavy-duty offshore trolling reels for saltwater aficionados, Daiwa offers a diverse selection to suit every angler's needs.

In New Zealand, Daiwa holds a prominent place among anglers of all levels. Renowned for its durability and performance, Daiwa reels and rods are favoured by both beginner recreational fishermen and seasoned professionals alike. With a strong presence in the local market, Daiwa continues to captivate Kiwi anglers with its innovative designs and commitment to excellence.

Burnsco's Daiwa Offering

Burnsco has been bringing top quality brands and products to kiwi consumers since 1882. As our brand and stores continue to grow, so does our fishing offering. This is why we are excited and proud to be a stockist of Daiwa products. We want to ensure that anglers have access to the latest innovations and stock from one of the best brands in the industry.

With a comprehensive selection of Daiwa in store and online, including surfcasting rod and reel combos from $149.99, inshore and offshore jigging sets, stickbaiting combos which come spooled from $399.99! Softbaiting gear, bait fishing combos, (including the Free Swimmer which is taking NZ by storm) spinning sets for trout and kahawai and a whole lot more!

This is due to expand as we push into the latter stages of the 2024! So, whether you're chasing trophy trout in the rivers, lakes, and streams, targeting moocher snapper with plastics in the kelp, or battling XOS kingfish at an offshore reef, Burnsco's range of Daiwa gear has got you covered.

Daiwa BG6500 reel / Daiwa BG Bluewater S80 PE6-8 rod

Daiwa's legacy is built on a foundation of innovation, quality, and passion for fishing. From its origins in Japan to its widespread acclaim in New Zealand and beyond, Daiwa continues to redefine the fishing experience with its cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to excellence. So, next time you're gearing up for a fishing adventure, trust Daiwa to deliver performance that exceeds expectations, every time.