Best Practice Fishing Techniques

1. Target bigger fish

Use softbaits or lures to attract larger fish and prevent gut hooking smaller fish.

  1. Edge Slow Pitch Jigs
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  2. Gulp! Alive Softbaits
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  3. Edge Flutter Jigs
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  4. Edge Alien Slow Jigs
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  5. Edge Jig Heads
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2. Use recurve hooks

When bait fishing, use recurve or large beak hooks to avoid gut hooking fish and improve survival rate.

  1. Edge Hook Heavy Duty Inline Recurve
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  2. Edge Recurve Hook Bulk Packs
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  3. Edge Recurve Hook Standard Packs
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3. Use a rubber landing net

This is best for releasing fish into the water and reduced handing damage to their skin.

  1. Burnsco Landing Net
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  2. Burnsco 138cm Landing Net
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  3. Burnsco Compact Landing Net
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4. Utilise the whole fish

Avoid waste and get the most out of your fish by using salt ice, a sharp filleting knife and trying some new cooking techniques such as smoking and soups. If you aren't going to use the heads and frame, you can give them to someone who will through https://www.freefishheads.co.nz/

  1. Fish Smoker
  2. Edge Fish Scaler


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