Fathers Day Gift Guide - Say NO to the mug!

Get ready to dust off those dad jokes and fire up the BBQ – Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to show the old man some love! It's that time of year when we pay homage to the unsung heroes of remote control wizardry and questionable fashion choices. So, hold onto your socks and jandals as we dive into a Father's Day celebration. Figure out how to choose that perfect gift, and maybe find the one thing that finally gives you the upper hand in the best sibling bragging rights.

How to Nail Father's Day:

7 Steps for that Perfect Gift

Cracking the code to an epic Father's Day gift? Look no further. Follow these 7 steps to discover the ultimate present that'll make Dad's day unforgettable.

1.       Interests and Hobbies: Time to play detective—figure out if he's secretly training to be a ninja or just loves a good BBQ. Dive through his fishing gear, pretend to clean the inside of the boat or RV, and find out what really brings that smile to his face.

2.       Practicality: Skip the quirky gadgets he might use once and opt for something that won't fade away faster than last year’s trends.

3.       Sentimental Value: Because nothing says "Thanks, Dad" like a tear-jerking gift that makes him say, "Who's cutting onions?"

4.       Personalisation: Add a touch of class by having his name engraved or added to your gift. You're not just gifting, you're impressing.

5.       Quality over Quantity: Remember, it's about the "wow," not the "how many." One great gift beats a pile of so-so stuff.

6.       Feedback from others: Yes, Dad's mates might have some golden ideas—ones he won't roll his eyes at (or maybe he will, but in a good way).

7.       Plan Ahead: Spare yourself the last-minute scramble for a "World's Okayest Dad" mug. Allow time to uncover a gift that truly shouts, "You're extraordinary." With ample time on your side, don’t procrastinate until the eleventh hour. Start the treasure hunt now!


So, you've navigated the 7 steps, but that perfect Father's Day gift still remains as elusive as a winning lottery ticket, don’t worry, we've got your back with a little extra help. 

Get ready to level up your gift-giving game with our fantastic range of products, guaranteed to make your dad's day. Discover the perfect gift for every budget, from affordable options to premium selections. Surprise him with an awesome present under $30 that shows your appreciation without breaking the bank. For something a bit extra, explore gifts under $50 that highlight his passions, or go above and beyond with premium selections under $100 and over $100 to score those extra brownie points.

Whether he's a captain of the seas, a fishing fanatic or an RV road warrior, our Father's Day gift guide is the treasure map you've been searching for. Let's embark on a journey through each category and unearth some of the many possibilities that we have in-store and online!

Captains’ Corner: Boating Gifts for Dad

Is your dad the master of all things nautical? Treat him to some fin-tastic gifts from Burnsco! 

Give Dad the gift of worry-free water antics with a waterproof phone case, now he can finally try those "extreme selfie" attempts while out on the water without turning his phone into a fish's new home. But that's not all – pair it up with an Edge insulated cooler bag, because nothing says "I care" like making sure his catch and beverages stay cooler than his one-liners at the family barbecue. Transform his fishing escapades with the Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 fish finder that will practically turn into his underwater sidekick. Watch as he finds those work ups easily with the 7x50 Auto focus binoculars, and don't forget the Helmsman Deluxe Flip up seat – because every swashbuckling sailor needs a comfy throne.

Tackle Box Treasures: Fishing Gifts for Dad

If your dad's idea of a good time involves a fishing rod and flat calm seas, Burnscos’ fishing collection will have him hooked! With a range of Edge and Ocean Angler snapper and kingfish jigs at hot club prices, give dad a new lure that's so irresistible, even the fish will be lining up to hear his jokes. Or, if dad needs somewhere to store all his flash new fish magnets, then the Edge 3+1 fishing tackle bag is the perfect option. Hook dad up with a new fishing rod that will have him casting like a pro in no time (or at least he'll think so). For dads who fish from boats or the bricks, the trusty Shimano Baitrunner 12000oc and 7’ Aquatip rod is only $279.99 with the additional bonus of a Straylining kit packed with over $80.00 worth of product for FREE! For dads who prefer fishing off the sand, don’t worry we have you covered too, the Okuma Rockaway 8000/14’ Surf Soul combo is $399.99 with the addition of a Surfcasting kit valued at over $100.00 for FREE! Lastly, because every angler needs to exaggerate their "one that got away" stories, toss in some digital scales to ensure his fishy tales are weighed with precision – even if his storytelling isn't.

Road Trippin’: Gearing up for the Motorhome Dad

Is your dad all about hitting the road in his trusty RV or with caravan in tow? Our RV accessories are here to make his journey even more memorable. Enhance dad's RV journeys with a dependable 10000mAh power bank, ensuring his devices stay charged for capturing every moment on the road. To simplify his navigation and keep his focus on the road, include an air vent mounted universal phone holder – a practical gift for his travels, making sure he reaches every destination. Gear up dad with a Dometic portable BBQ, ensuring he can grill up road trip feasts that rival any food trucks. For his well-deserved downtime, gift him a TEAC 24" LED TV, so he can kick back and catch up on the rugby from the comfort of his home on wheels – because what's an RV adventure without a little entertainment and a whole lot of flavour. With these gifts, dad's road trips are destined to be the envy of the campground.

This Father's Day, embark on a gift-giving adventure with the extensive selection we have in-store and online. No matter what your dad is into, we have something that will make his day and warm his heart. So, come on down (or browse online), and let the gift-giving antics begin. May your Father's Day be filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of puns!