Burnsco's Christmas Gift Guide

Burnsco's Christmas Gift Guide: Unwrapping the Sea of Possibilities

Ahoy, me merry mates! 'Tis the season to make waves, and Burnsco has your back with gifts that'll have your loved ones saying, "anchors aweigh" to the ordinary. Whether they're hooked on fishing, navigating the high seas, road tripping in a motorhome, flippin’ on the river, or keen on some price pointed gift ideas. No matter what it is, we have something for every kind of outdoor enthusiast in your life. Let's dive in!

1. Fishmas Chronicles: Dive into Christmas Fishing

For the angler who dreams about their next PB, Burnsco's fishing aisles will leave you not wanting to wake up. We're talking rods, reels, line, hooks, swivels, knives, tools and of course lures! In need of a new rod this Christmas? Try the Shimano Baitrunner 8000OC combo this comes prespooled ready to fish for only $199.99 saving $100! Get those shelves in the garage organised with a new tackle box or bag from the big brands, Edge, Shimano, Penn, Plano or Burnsco. Need some shiny “Christmas decorations”? Load up the tree with Edge Alien or Inshore jigs, Ocean Angler Sliders and Fleas or maybe a Shimano Lucanus or Coltsniper Wonderfall jig? They are great to look at, but on your way out the door to go fishing, rip a couple off the tree and go and catch a feed with them. Sounds like a win win situation to us! And let's not forget the fishing hats and sunnies, because nothing says "I'm serious about fishing, but also serious about looking fly" like a good outfit.

Top tip: Dirty Dogs, Edge and Shimano sunglasses are all featured in the latest Burnsco Christmas catalogue (wink wink, nudge nudge)

2. Boating Bonanza: Gifts that Float Their Boat (Literally!)

If your loved one's idea of a perfect day involves a boat and a body of water, Burnsco has the gifts that'll make them the captain of Christmas. Check out the deals that we have going on Lowrance and Garmin fish finders, no more trying your luck when out fishing, make every trip count and let technology do the work for you. For friends or family in need of updated safety equipment we have flares, EPIRBs, bilge pumps, batteries, and anchors all on red hot summer deals. And to keep the fish cool on the boat (or the brown lemonades cool at your next BBQ) maybe the skipper could do with a new Brass Monkey cooler or Burnsco Ice Box. For those requiring space on the boat, the Edge insulated cooler bags can be tucked away when not needed and are so good they could keep a snowman comfortable in the Sahara.

Keep an eye out for those work ups in close and out wide while game fishing with Binoculars that'll turn you into an ornithologist. And, of course, boat-friendly BBQ sets and portable stoves – because nothing says "I'm living my best life" like cooking up some hot food in a sheltered bay. Just remember, it's all fun and games until someone drops the spatula overboard.

3. Campervan Capers: Road Trip Ready Gifts 

For those who believe the journey is just as important as the destination, our motorhome section is a treasure trove of gifts that'll make your loved one's wheel’s spin.

With the incredible summer we are about to have, make sure you are covered for your camping holidays. And we mean literally covered! We have a wide range of awnings and screens to suit your home away from home. RV steps, towing mirrors, bike covers, slimline rubbish bins, folding stools, and even folding clotheslines! While you’re at it, remember to stay cool at night with our 12V fans. Staying at campsites? Need to plug into their power? Make sure you don’t get caught short and pick up a caravan lead while you’re at it.

Spend time under your new shade with a comfy chair (we have plenty to choose from) a book and a glass of wine (we sell those too, the glasses … not the wine)

And for the chef in your life, have them utilise their available space with our range of space saving cookware and utensils because cooking on the road should be an adventure, not a juggling act.

4. Watersport Wipeout: Make a Splash with the Coolest Gear

For the adrenaline junkies who prefer skimming the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand’s lakes and rivers, or having a paddle around coves and bays, it’s time to say 'SUP', because Burnsco's water sports section is where it's at. Inflatable paddleboards and Viking kayaks for moments of serene reflection, fishing, or chaotic wipeouts – the choice is yours. Wakeboards and Water Skis designed for all ages and abilities will have you fizzing for your next turn. And who can forget Uncle John, he’s back with his boat at the lake, and you’re up next on the ski biscuit, but which one will you choose? A single 1-person donut? Or maybe you have a sibling or mate you can have a competition with? Will you go for the 1-2 person Skimmer, or, is it time to go full send with the 1-3 person Winged beast.

The options are all available with Wipeout, Aqua Marina and Viking this summer, just remember to take your buoyancy vests, tow ropes and repair patches!

To top it off, Burnsco have all the gear you need to avoid looking like a lobster after a day on the water. Long sleeved shirts, wide brimmed hats and sunscreen are all great gift options, because no one likes 3rd degree burns from the sun.

5. Budget Bliss: Gifts for Every Wallet Size

Now, let's talk budget because Christmas giving shouldn't be a financial shipwreck. For those looking to gift on a budget, Burnsco has you covered.

Under $50 - You’ll find 5-piece filleting sets, unique fish bottle openers, fishing tools and lures, and who could forget the incredible range of drinkware from Toadfish. Keep your nights bright with the Aurora 250 lumen headlamp, waterproof LED torches, LED dome lanterns and for the campsite, LED bright guy ropes and an LED mosquito lantern to keep those pesky insects away.

Under $100 - Dive into the stunning waters around the coast with varying mask and snorkel sets, keep the summer vibes going and sounds pumping with the Waterproof portable speaker, or gift a new dry bag, with varying sizes there is one for every situation!

If you are wanting to splash out, we also have plenty of gifts over $100. Maybe a new inflatable life jacket is on the cards, a new fishing rod combo to reel in New Years dinner, or even a new portable BBQ to have sausages in bread by the lake.

For those travelling, there are massive savings on the Brass Monkey fridge/freezer units and there is one for every scenario. Day trips to the lake, weekend camping adventures or even full off grid options. Remember to check out the incredible range of accessories that go with these units too, Lithium batteries, Solar blankets, and Covers really protect your unit and give you unprecedented options.

So, there you have it – Burnsco's Christmas Gift Guide for every sailor, angler, and adventurer in your life. Dive in, make some waves, and have a Christmas that's merrier than a seagull with a French fry. Happy shopping, and may your holiday season be filled with laughter, joy, and maybe a fish tale or two!

From all of the Burnsco team across NZ we want to wish you a safe a happy holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in store again soon.