Genius Caravan Space Savers

Smart, space saving solutions are your best friend when you are staying in a campervan or small space. In this guide, we’ve picked out our favourite 5 clever space saving products.

1. Smartspace Stackable Pot Set 3 Piece

This is a great quality, Teflon coated pot set but it has the added benefit of being stackable. The handle is removeable and the 3 pots stack inside each other so they take up a fraction of the storage space. Also, unlike a typical pot, they are square to maximize the cooking area while minimizing stove space.

2. Smartspace Fry Pan

You will never look back after using a square fry pan to cook on a compact RV stove. The square shape is so much more practical for small spaces as it maximizes cooking areas while minimizing stove space. This fry pan also has a removeable handle and is designed to stack with the Smartspace Pot Set so it is super compact and practical to store.

3. Collapsible Bucket

This bucket is a must for any motorhome or caravan. It collapses down into a nice compact size for storage but is still durable enough to handle all sorts of jobs.

4. Collapsible Containers

Smart, stylish and practical! These container sets are perfect for lunches or leftovers. They are completely food safe, microwavable, dishwasher and refrigerator safe. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and fun colours. 

5. Storage Hammock

Having enough storage is so important in a small space. These gear hammocks are an easy and lightweight way to increase your storage space. They are easy to hang and they utilize otherwise unused space!


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