Brass Monkey: The Ultimate Camping Accessory?

Brass Monkey: The Ultimate Camping Accessory?

Picture this: You left home in the morning, travelled 3 hours to your camping destination, kids were fighting, 4 pitstops on the way. Now, it’s 5pm, you have finally finished setting up your tent (with only a couple of arguments), chairs, gazebo, BBQ, and beds are all done too. It’s 26 degrees, the kids have disappeared down to the playground, and you finally get to sit down and have a rest after what feels like the longest day ever! As you crack open a perfectly chilled beer-verage (correct spelling) from your Brass Monkey portable fridge, you can't help but marvel at the convenience and perfection that the Brass Monkey range brings to your camping experience.

The Brass Monkey range of portable fridge/freezers are not just another set of coolers, they are a game changer for tradies, motor homers, boaties, and campers alike. Manufactured with precision and designed for durability and efficiency, these portable units are redefining the way we experience the outdoors.

Let's take a look at some of the standout models that make up the Brass Monkey family:

Brass Monkey 15-25L Single Zone Portable Fridge/Freezers: The Compact Companion

Perfect for tradies, solo adventurers or couples on a weekend getaway, these models are available in 15L, 22L or 25L and they are a compact powerhouse. Easily fitting into the backseat of your car, boot, or tray of the ute, ensuring you have the luxury of chilled beverages and fresh snacks no matter where your job or weekend takes you.

All units are 12/24V capable so can easily plug into the cigarette lighter or 12V port on your vehicle. Additionally, you don’t even need to touch the unit to control it! While your unit is in the boot you can check the status and even adjust the temperature with the handy Bluetooth App. Note: While these units are incredibly efficient, we recommend to not leave them plugged in for hours unattended without your engine running!

Brass Monkey Portable Dual Zone Fridge/Freezers: Options aplenty

Did someone say fridge? Or freezer? … How about both!

The Brass Monkey Dual Zone fridge freezers are the epitome of convenience for camping and motor homing enthusiasts. Available in 35L, 45L, 75L and 95L these are the go-to units for summer! Designed with the rugged demands of outdoor adventures in mind, these dual zone units bring a new level of versatility to your travels. One compartment keeps your beverages frosty cold, while the other preserves your essential frozen supplies, or, utilise both as a fridge, or even both as a freezer! Compact yet spacious, these dual zone fridges cater to the unique needs of campers and motor homers, offering the freedom to bring a piece of home wherever you are heading. It is the perfect solution for extended trips, ensuring that your camping, motor home or boating experience remains chilled.

Hot Tip: These units come supplied with a 240V lead, chill your fridge down overnight before heading on the road, this will increase your efficiency and save extra power being sucked from your battery unnecessarily.

Brass Monkey Upright Fridge/Freezers: Fresh or frozen feasts 

The Brass Monkey Upright fridge freezers are the perfect addition for those seeking a touch of home on the open road in their motorhomes and caravans or open seas in their boat. These sleek and space efficient units seamlessly integrate into the compact confines of mobile living, providing exceptional cooling. With their vertical design, these fridges optimize space, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your motorhome/caravan or boat is utilised efficiently. With adjustable shelves and ample storage capacity, the Brass Monkey Upright fridge freezers allow you to stock up on fresh produce, beverages, and frozen essentials. Say goodbye to the limitations of on the go living and embrace the freedom of having all your favourite treats within arm's reach. Available in 65 litre and 85 litre capacities, no-one needs to go without their favourite treats. Ice cream under the stars, anyone?

Now, imagine your Brass Monkey experience getting even better with their range of add-on products!

Now, imagine your Brass Monkey experience getting even better with their range of add-on products!

Brass Monkey Lithium Batteries: No cords needed!

Enter the Brass Monkey Lithium battery, it is an incredible feature of the Brass Monkey range of fridge/freezers and could become the unsung hero in your camping arsenal. When you're off chasing sunsets in places with zero power, these batteries really step up. Available in 7.8Ah and 15.6Ah they slot effortlessly into a range of units, giving them power when you need it most. For maximum efficiency, we recommend chilling the unit as much as possible off 240V or 12V power before using the battery. Also, the 15.6Ah battery will double the amount of stored power available so if you are on an extended stay this would be the size to go for.

Brass Monkey Portable Solar Blanket: Harness the Power of the Sun

Ever worried about running out of power for your Brass Monkey on an extended camping trip? Fear not! The Brass Monkey Portable Solar Panel is your eco-friendly solution. Simply plug in your Brass Monkey Lithium battery (this holds the power) Plug in your Solar blanket into the supplied outlet, unfold it under the sun, and let nature do the charging. No other regulators needed as everything is internal! It's not just practical; it's a nod to sustainable camping.

Brass Monkey Portable Fridge Insulation Cover: Keep It Cool, Always

Maximise the efficiency of your Brass Monkey with the portable fridge insulation cover. This cover provides an extra layer of insulation, ensuring that your fridge maintains its chill even in the hottest of climates. It also acts as another protective barrier from bumps and knocks that occur in the back of the car. It's like wrapping your fridge in a cozy blanket.

The Brass Monkey range of portable fridge/freezers is more than just a collection of cooling devices, it's a ticket to a world of endless possibilities for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Whether you're embarking on a solo journey, planning a family camping trip, or gearing up for a roadie in your motor home, Brass Monkey has a model to suit your needs. With innovative add on products, you can customise your camping experience and make every adventure a cool and refreshing success. So, gear up, chill out, and let the Brass Monkey range redefine your summer missions and show you why it is the ultimate camping accessory.

Adventure awaits, and it's best enjoyed with a cold drink in hand!

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